About Me

Blog ImageWelcome to R-Health, my name is Stacy Remington and I have a passion for natural living.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Psychology and am pursuing a Master’s of Holistic Nutrition.  Holistic nutrition is a purely natural way of living where people eat real, living, wholesome food that completely satisfies, rebuilds, and rejuvenates the entire body and mind.  It assists the body and mind in running at its maximum potential.

My Goal is to reach children at the very beginning stages of life by working with women that are, want to become, or just have been pregnant, through educating them in a way that will encourage them to develop an optimal nutrition lifestyle for themselves that will benefit their bodies and minds as well as their babies, from conception to toddler.  Very importantly, I desire to inform pregnant women about what foods contain the highest amounts of the vital minerals and vitamins needed to satisfy the demands of their changing bodies as well as the growing baby they are carrying to ensure that they get the optimal amounts of those vitamins and minerals in addition to any prenatal supplements they may be taking.  This is especially important for those who have vegetarian, vegan, or other special dietary needs.  I will provide information about nutrition and child development to ensure optimal physical and mental development.  This will help to educate the mother about children’s stages of development. Given the information I provide, she will know which foods will benefit her child most during each stage.  By providing the mother this information, that will enable her to get the optimum nutrition for nursing, get back into shape physically, and avoid postpartum depression.  Ideally, I can provide enough information to help prevent both physical and mental illnesses for both women and their babies.

My mission is to use my child development and holistic nutrition knowledge to help parents prevent behavioral disorders early on and grow the healthiest children possible.  I want parents to get their children on the right track at a young age.  If they are taught to value their health, they will be less likely to put toxins, such as drugs or alcohol, into their bodies.  I have learned that nutrition is a major factor when considering human behavior, which is something I do not think parents think about as a possible cause, but it is a very important piece of information because it means that children are not necessarily just hyper and unable to be settled without drugs.  It means there is hope without drugs.